Does Sugar Clog Arteries?

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Are you thinking, does sugar clog arteries? Quite possibly, you have a sweet tooth and you cannot go a day without having desserts. Deep down you know that stuffing yourself with sugar isn't all that good. You can get dental cavities, for one thing, and that's not the worst that can happen. Too much consumption of sugar often leads to weight gain and obesity, too, and that can make you prone to diabetes and heart diseases.

Does sugar clog arteries? If you want a deeper explanation to better understand the relationship between sugar and clogged arteries, consider this - clogged arteries result when the arterial walls have become too narrow and hardened by plaque build-up. Plaque as you know is composed of substances like fats, calcium and cholesterol, that the blood is supposed to carry with it as it passes through the arterial walls. Unfortunately, when there is injury to the lining of arterial walls, these substances are being prevented to pass through the arterial walls.

You may perhaps be wondering, how is it that the lining of the arterial walls get injured? What are the factors that cause the injury? Well, there are several conditions that can damage the interior lining of the arterial walls, and it so happens that diabetes (high sugar levels in the blood) is one of them. But even if you don't have diabetes, you cannot be too confident to think that you will not develop clogged arteries in the future, because for as long as you make it a habit to eat chocolates, ice cream, cakes, pastries, pies, and all the sweet things you can think of everyday, there is always a strong possibility of these clogging your arteries sooner or later. Why, because these sweet nothings are also sources of saturated fats which increase your bad cholesterol levels. When it comes to bad cholesterol, you would want to keep the numbers within normal levels because of two things: one, high cholesterol levels can cause injury to the interior lining of your arterial walls; two, too much bad cholesterol in the blood will contribute further to the narrowing and hardening of the arteries.

You should avoid getting clogged arteries as much as possible, unless of course you look forward to having an angioplasty or a heart bypass. Clogged arteries are usually a lifestyle disease which only means that they can be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle. Cessation from cigarette smoking is absolutely necessary. If you have the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages, you should kick that out, too. Alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories which won't do your arteries any good. Living a healthier lifestyle means making wise food choices that include lots of fiber, green vegetables and fruits. However, it is always emphasized to eat vegetables in their uncooked form, and fruits in their fresh state. You see, it's been found out that cooking in any way reduces the nutritional values of these food essentials, so if you want to benefit greatly from fruits and vegetables, eat them raw or fresh.

Based on the foregoing, there is no more reason to doubt the answer to the question, does sugar clog arteries?

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Does Sugar Clog Arteries?

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Does Sugar Clog Arteries?

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This article was published on 2010/10/25