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Data show that white sugar futures in 2009, Zhengzhou, from early January 2900 yuan / ton from the low, to May rose to 3,900 yuan / ton, then in August 4900 yuan / ton, up to the end of the year has been the highest point of 5,599 yuan / ton, or over 90%. In the New Year season driven by consumption, food Sugar Georgia forward to 6,000 yuan / ton initiated shocks, while in sugar prices, food Carbohydrate The cost of food under pressure.

Investment adviser in chief researcher Chen Chen that the food industry, sugar prices on the cost of sugary foods is a big challenge, running a high sugar prices will increase Food enterprises The cost, in this pressure Food & Beverage Enterprises or through price increases to address cost, which will lead to foot in the terminal within the retail prices of food rose.

One can not ignore the fact that my sugar has been cut for two consecutive crop season, in this context, the sugar market has been the situation in short supply there. Over the past first half of 2009, sugar prices also remained low running situation, coupled with the impact of sugar imports, sugar production and marketing rate is not high, but a gap in the global sugar and the advent of the domestic sugar peak, from the second half , domestic sugar prices rising sharply, on the one hand, domestic and foreign sugar this crop season declined, on the other hand, demand has increased.

Investment adviser in the "issued by the food industry in China 2010-2015 Forecast of Investment Analysis and Report" shows that industrial demand for sugar and sugar about 3 / 4 of sugar in the domestic industry, Dairy products , Carbonated beverages , Juice Canned drinks and sugar accounted about 30%, respectively, 20%, 20% and 10%. Since 2009, domestic food and beverage industries have maintained a good run trend, which to some extent, boosting the stability and higher sugar prices.

At present, the domestic sugar price is expected to exceed 6,000 yuan / ton, which leads to lower business costs under pressure. Sugar prices in the face of pressure from some domestic food business, or will choose Prices The one hand, the Spring Festival holiday, food companies need a lot of sugar; on the one hand, the current domestic sugar prices high level. Can be expected in the next few years, the food industry will maintain a stable growth rate, which will further increase the demand for sugar. ISO International Sugar Organization

the latest report released 09/10 crop season will be the world's sugar market in September when the shortfall projected 8.4 million tons down to 7.2 million tons. Authority of another agency Czarnikow Sugar is expected, following the 15.7 million tons in 2008/09 crop season gap occurs, the 09/10 crop season will remain the world's sugar market gap of 900 tons, the figure of 6 million tons higher than previously expected.

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Sugar prices continue to face high food prices run sugar - sugar, sugar prices - Food Industry

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Sugar prices continue to face high food prices run sugar - sugar, sugar prices - Food Industry

This article was published on 2010/10/16