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Zheng sugar went through the middle of April to the end of July after a long period of dormancy, in the last four trading days in July bottoming out into the first trading day in August, Sugar Rise sharply, most contracts limit-closed, in just 5 trading days of the time, Cheng sugar and wiped out almost a whole month in July decline. August the second trading day, the major 1005 contract Tiaokonggaokai, heavy volume Masukura and broke through to early high of 4400 yuan / ton integer-resistance, a few days later, confirmed the 1005 contract in 4400 yuan / ton integer relevant and effective support, the present outbreak spurt up trend, just 5 trading days up to 5044 yuan washed / ton, almost equal to the high point in March last year.

Silence for a few months of sugar market in order to "Return of the King, is irresistible," the attitude, once again confirms the Sugar City, "seven died and eight live nine back" legend. I believe that the recent strong performance was mainly sugar by the following factors supported.

First, the market sentiment serious ones, highlights the value of sugar and depression.

Sentiment seriously it from the high side since mid-July a sharp rise in commodity markets in general can be seen. EADS were mixed in this round, rebar, PTA, copper, zinc, natural rubber and other varieties of rose and trading volume of concern. Market to the global economy "V"-type inversion optimistic expectations that include crude oil, LME and other commodities and the U.S. Dow Jones index, the Shanghai index have also experienced a more substantial increase, and quiet for more than 3 months of the sugar linkage in the current round of commodities rose during the bull market in commodities is clearly separated from the mainstream trends, when the merchandise can imagine getting smaller and smaller increase in space time, low price and good basic for the eyes of white sugar has become the capital The value of depression. In the mad chase of funds under the 1005 contract Zheng sugar round up the 14 trading days since the plate four times daily limit, up to 23% of the total increase is not surprising.

Second, sales data satisfactory end consumption has increased steadily. According to August 5

China's first province of Guangxi sugar sugar co-released the latest sales figures, as of the end of July, Guangxi sugar candy sales rate of 84.18%, up on the crop season increased by 7.15 percentage points; industrial stocks 120.7 million tons, 984,900 tons last crop season reduced. The Aug. 6 announcement of the National Association for Japanese-sugar sugar production and sales data also show that the 2008/2009 crop season the country produced a total of 12.4312 million tons of sugar, less than the 2.409 million tons last crop season; at 7 at the end of the crop season in a total sales Sugar 10.0748 million tons, total sales rate of 81.04 percent sugar, compared with the previous crop season increased 3.71% over the same period. Shows that in July the domestic sugar Sell Ideal situation, but a substantial cut of the crop season due to inventory empty late crop season also created a tight supply situation.

Consumption from the downstream perspective, the first half of our sugar big?? Food And Beverages Sales growth significantly. According to National Bureau of Statistics, 1-6 months of this year, food manufacturing sales value up 15% year on year rate of increase in sales from 0.9 to 98.2%; beverage manufacturing sales value up 17.8% year on year sales growth rate of 0.1% to 97.4 %. In addition, 20 food categories based on the statistics, 1-May, the total cumulative investment in the food industry grew by 36%. Shows that the growth of downstream industries using sugar and investment growth accelerated for the growth of sugar consumption provides a strong guarantee. Demand growth is a prerequisite for sustained growth of sugar prices, as the economic situation turned around and Mid-Autumn Festival National Day "Double" Consumer season approaches, the second half of the sugar consumption is expected to further accelerate growth.

Third, Sugar advantage of this opportunity to make the market look more into the mainstream.

Much attention in the sugar industry Association meeting on August 8 ended in Xining, the pre-market parties in the discussions around the reserve pool finally have a clear conclusion: Guangxi has decided to put in place reserves in batches sugar, and the national reserve of sugar currently no plans to release storage. Since the convening of this meeting before the printing on a wide range of sugar circulating in Guangxi reserves will be Tender Information, so this result does not give much of the accident.
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Upward Trend In Sugar Prices Is Difficult To Change - Sugar, Sugar - Food Industry

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Upward Trend In Sugar Prices Is Difficult To Change - Sugar, Sugar - Food Industry

This article was published on 2011/01/10